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Let us rescue your rug When skill and knowledge come first
Area Rug Cleaning New York company is an inseparable part of Rescue Carpet founded in 1997 before the internet
Rugs are one of the most beautiful additions to any room. It finishes a room’s look by adding texture, color and warmth. Depending on the furniture placement and room’s layout your rugs may be exposed to heavy foot traffic.
In those circumstances, caring for your rugs requires more than spot cleaning or weekly vacuuming. Area Rug Cleaning New York have been professionally trained to clean any type of rug, particularly when it comes to stubborn stains from ink, juice, coffee, pet accidents and other spills. Our proven cleaning techniques produce amazing output, returning the area rug back to its original shine and luster.
We care from the most basic to the finest rugs from all round the New York. Utilizing the best procedures, we customize the cleaning process for the needs of each individual rug. We also have the specialize equipment to wash the rugs without causing them to lose color, tear, wrinkle and shrink. We are focused on providing a redefining approach towards the area rug cleanings. Our service is customer friendly and emphasized on fulfilling your all needs.
Our area rug cleaning service includes:
Rug evaluation and inspection
Mildew and water solutions
Per odor removal or pet stain removal
Moth repellent / stain repellent
Hole reweaving / fringe replacement
Edge serging and binding
Rug storage and rug protection
Rug repairs
Custom rug pads

A Hassle free service :
At Area Rug Cleaning New York, we are equipped to properly care for all types of rugs, giving them the attention and specialized care they deserve. Our professionally certified and trained team members are experts when it comes to determining the cleaning methods best suited to your rug’s particular dyes, fibers and weave. We also offer free quotes and rug inspections, pick up and delivery and professional care tips.

Nothing is more important to us than to satisfy our clients 100%.
Area Rug Cleaning New York will be happy to help in cases of emergency services.
In the moment of flood damage / water damage, smoke, fire and moth damage the company will lead
you and inform you along the way through the whole process of those special services.

We also specialize in cleaning treatments for all kinds of rugs including restoring, reweaving,
kotting technique, recolouring and redying with our vegetable dyes.
Our organic solutions are 100% safe for your family, kids and pets.
We specialize in elimination, pet stain and odour removal, also wine stain removal.
We are 100% green.
Lots of variety of cleaning treatments and restoration services will benefit your rugs.
Area Rug Cleaning New York and the expert teams always repair and are ready to help people of
New York and surrounding area with free and expert consultation and advice.
Think once and dial Area Rug Cleaning New York.

Our Review

24 Nov 2019

Area Rug Cleaning New York Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning New York Cleaning came highly recommended by others on Homestars so I contacted him about cleaning two of my fine rugs. He was very prompt, the rugs came back beautifully cleaned. Service quality is high-he rolls the carpets and returns the, placing them properly rather than just dumping the carpets for you to put in place. He is also good at sourcing new rugs if you need.

24 Nov 2019

Area Rug Cleaning Chicagos

I had all the Area Rug Cleaning Chicagos in my home cleaned. Pick up and drop off service was excellent. Staff/owners are very knowledgeable about rugs. Not only was the cleaning job superb (the colors in my rugs are now much brighter) but I learned about the history/quality of my rugs and how to care for and even place my rugs so that they fit best with the room surroundings. Trustworthy business.

Area Rug Cleaning New York

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