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Rug color restoration and redying


Area Rug Cleaning New York knows that many years of foot traffic can cause wear and tear to your precious floor pieces.
This damage can cause your beautiful rug to lose its color or fade. Maybe you inherited your rug from a loved in your family who at one time enjoyed it in their home, which is the case with a majority of the rugs that are owned. You may have gone on vacation and purchased your rug in another country, found a rug that caught your eye in your local department store, auction, or even yard sale. Never the less, you fell in love with it and that is the reason you have it in your home. Proper care and regular cleaning are needed to prolong the life expectancy of your treasure. You will always be able to count on Area Rug Cleaning New York for all the needs of your investment. Our technicians take every bit of precaution to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your precious piece. We never cut corners on any process to save us time or money. We realize what kind of value these rugs have to our customers.

Rug Restoration

Protecting the circle area around the damage. Redesign damaged and missing parts, renoting pile following the same dialog of the missing parts, overlock the fringes from two sides of the rug to prevent unravelling

The pictures below show a rug that was damaged due to flood. Before and after the flood damaged restoration

Rug Restoration

Protecting the circle area around the damage. Redesign damaged and missing parts, renoting pile following the same dialog of the missing parts, overlock the fringes from two sides of the rug to prevent unravelling.


Rug moth damage

We are a reputed company which offers rug repair and restoration services. We have many different packages, and among these, our rug moth proofing service is widely availed. If your rug also has this problem, you can send it over to us, and we will take care of it. Once we are done, your rug will appear as good as new.
Moth damage is a common problem in this area, and we often receive rugs which have to be treated for moth damage. Moth is an annoying pest which is attracted by dampness and moisture. It breeds on natural fibers, particularly those made of proteins as cotton, wool and silk. On an average, moths have a life cycle of around two or three months.
Generally, the adult moths do not cause any harm, but when they are larvae, they can damage your carpet.

Rug repair
Has your precious old antique rug become frayed and faded? Why not get it restored? Avail our services and our results are going to please you. We are a reputed and proficient company that offers antique rug repair and restoration services. We have the skills, knowledge, experience and technology that is used to treat your rugs and restore them to their original conditions.


Rug reweaving
Area Rug Cleaning New York can take on any job, big or small, from moth damage to dog bites or just ordinary wear and tear. We can repair and reweave any rug specially those older antique or semi- antique rugs coveted by interior decorators.
Rug Binding
At Area Rug Cleaning New York we repair and restore all kinds of rugs and carpets for customers and rug dealers alike. We regularly work on everything from securing fringes and bindings to large tears, holes and areas of moth damage. Our repair staff have been working with rugs for decades. Call now to book in your rug for restoration or repair, or email us images of the damage for a free quotation.

Fringe Addition
In most cases when the rug need fringes replacement our repair specialist they will remove the existing left over fringes from each side of the rug and after they will reweave and restore on the same existing foundation according to the dialog of each rug then it will be looking like the day you purchased it.

Our Review

24 Nov 2019

Area Rug Cleaning ChicagoCleaning

Area Rug Cleaning ChicagoCleaning came highly recommended by others on Homestars so I contacted him about cleaning two of my fine rugs. He was very prompt, the rugs came back beautifully cleaned. Service quality is high-he rolls the carpets and returns the, placing them properly rather than just dumping the carpets for you to put in place. He is also good at sourcing new rugs if you need.

24 Nov 2019

Area Rug Cleaning Chicagos

I had all the Area Rug Cleaning Chicagos in my home cleaned. Pick up and drop off service was excellent. Staff/owners are very knowledgeable about rugs. Not only was the cleaning job superb (the colors in my rugs are now much brighter) but I learned about the history/quality of my rugs and how to care for and even place my rugs so that they fit best with the room surroundings. Trustworthy business.


Area Rug Cleaning New York

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